If you get the right high heel, you will not only feel a complete transformation of your look but also a boost of inner confidence. However, the trick is in how you pick your high-heeled shoe with new types of heel coming into the market nearly every season. The good news is that there are timeless, classic heel types and that’s what you need to go for.

In this high heel guide, we have rounded up different types of high heels that women can pick in the market. These are heel types that have withstood the test of time, mostly due to their high level of comfort for long wear. In addition, we’ve also provided tips on how to make high heels comfortable as well as listed the most comfortable heels below. Looking for discount heels? This cheap high heels guide will show you the best place to buy designer high heels at a reasonable price.

Here are 8 of the best high heels.

Kitten Heels

You can call them ‘grandma shoe’ but these shoes are just awesome. They have made a huge comeback into the market due to high demand for comfort over height. They provide a smaller height compared to most of the available option but enough give your hips a nice way. In most cases, it is about 1.5-inches heel. Comfort is one of the key kitten heel features due to its more coverage up top. The good thing about kittens is that ladies across almost all age brackets can wear them. If you want to rock in parties or working events, kitten heels are definitely a perfect choice.


Black stiletto heelsIf you are a high heel enthusiast, then you must have come across stilettos or even have one in your closets. There are many reasons while these heel types are among the most popular in the market. First is the vast range heights that you can pick from. Stilettos can go up to 8-inches high. In addition, most of the stilettos are designed with more coverage up top and with a thinker heel for comfort. These are just some of the reasons these heel types have dominated the market for years.

High-Heeled Boots

If you are looking for absolute comfort in high-heeled shoes, then high-heeled boots are one of the best high heels. One thing that makes these heel types popular is because they are some of the few high-heeled shoes that you can wear all day long with pain or discomfort. The generous up top coverage is what gives these heels incredible comfort. They are extremely versatile in application but looks great when worn with denim jeans.

Ballroom Dancing Heels

If you like going out partying and have never figured out the best high heels to wear, then ballroom dancing heels is a perfect option. These heels work great for ladies who love going out partying and dancing. They are thicker heels plus a good up top coverage that makes them perfect for a dance floor. The strap around the ankle is another reason for their incredible comfort when making dance moves.


I know this will come as a surprise to some people who don’t know that wedges are heels. You will also be surprised to learn that they are some of the most stable and comfortable high-heeled shoes in the market. Wedges are summer’s best high heels, especially when it comes to sandal versions. These shoes have a thick heel that provides incredible stability when walking. The upper has more coverage that provides absolute comfort when wearing them. They are also some of the high heels that you can for long without feeling uncomfortable.

High-heeled Shoes

Block Heel

If you don’t have a block heel in your closet, then you are missing a lot from high heels. This heel type has grown popular due to a number of features. First, they offer incredible walkability

due to their thick heels. Second is the versatility in application. These are the kind of high heels that you can wear with almost any outfit. You can also wear them for various events and still look hot.

Sling Back Heels

The sling back heel is another type of heels that have withstood the test of time. These heels are defined by the strap crosses behind the ankle or heel. The strap is meant to keep the foot in place hence there is less friction between the foot and the shoe. In addition, sling back types have thicker heels and more upper coverage hence making them quite comfortable when walking or standing. If you haven’t gotten one, it is one of the best high heels, and you need to buy a pair.

The Mule

Last but not least is the mule heels. These heel types speak for themselves. They are very comfortable to wear for any event and for long. Although they do not have a strap or support crossing the ankle or heel, their large upper top coverage provides adequate support when walking. Once you get used to the mules, you will find it difficult to stop wearing them.

What Makes High Heels Comfortable?Different high heels

There are several tips on how to make wearing high heels more comfortable. One of them is concentrating on the way you walk. For better comfort, heel-to-toe walking is the most recommended. Picking the right size is another way to make wearing heels more comfortable. If the size is too small or too large, you will find wearing heels very uncomfortable.

Using moleskin is another trick that is widely used to make high heel comfortable. The material works by reducing rubbing which a major cause of blisters and calluses. Some people also use blow dryers to blow the top of the shoe to make it more flexible to improved comfort when wearing. Last not least is taping your toes together with a soft medical tape or bandage. The trick helps to get pressure off your feet balls.

The Most Comfortable High Heels For Long Wear

If you are looking for the most comfortable high heels for long wear, the market has a vast collection for you to pick from. However, there are some that have stood out over the years as the most comfortable for long wear. The kitten heel is one of the most comfortable heel types. With about 1.5-inches heel, these heels are more comfortable than most of the heel types market.

Block heels are another type of high-heeled shoes that provides incredible comfort. Its thick heel and more covered up top are the reasons why most women go for them. Last but the least is the ankle strap pump. These heel types are designed with a thick heel, generously covered up top and a strap crossing that holds the foot firmly in place. The thick heels distribute pressure to a larger area hence reducing high heel pains. Other best high heels that you can consider include wedges, platform heels, low heels, and high heel boots.

When wearing high heels, comfort is one of the key elements you need to look out for. With this guide, we believe that you are now enlightened, and your next high heel will make you more comfortable and confident.

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