The word “bohemian” is defined as a “socially unconventional person, especially someone who is involved in the arts.” Some may describe bohemian style as hippie style, boho chic, vagabond couture, or gypsy styling. People with bohemian style are known for their long flowy dresses, beautiful headbands and hair accessories, as well as loose, comfortable quality clothing paired with unique and eclectic pieces. For the couple who decides to have a bohemian-style wedding, all or none of these definitions could be true. The bohemian wedding is perfect for the couple who is simple and artsy. It’s also perfect for the bride who wants to feel like a floating goddess or a fairy angel at her wedding. The bohemian wedding style highlights nature and vintage detailing. The entire feel of a bohemian wedding is light and whimsical, it highlights the simple beauty of the marriage through the use of flowers, leaves, lace, natural woods, and simple colors.  The bohemian wedding style is perfect for the couple who wants to create a unique, one-of-a-kind experience. It’s the perfect solution for the free-spirited couple who wants to share their personality and values with their family and friends.

The best thing about the bohemian wedding is that anything goes. It’s all about finding your own personal take on the beautiful simplicity of nature and rustic event planning.

In this article, we will take a deep dive into the bohemian wedding. We will cover everything from bohemian bride styling and dresses, the bohemian wedding party, bohemian accessories and elements of the bohemian wedding ceremony. We have also included a feature from NESST, a rising business catering to weddings, engagements, hen’s parties, private events and occasions, corporate events, and baby showers.

Elements of a Bohemian Wedding Ceremony

The elements of a bohemian wedding differs for each couple. One thing that usually stays consistent and defines a boho wedding is the element of earth tones, nature and natural accents that are seen throughout the ceremony. The ceremony, whether it takes place inside or outside, embodies the feeling of a whimsical fairytale. The ideal bohemian wedding does not necessarily focus or depend on religious or spiritual beliefs. The bohemian element can work for couples of any background or religion as long as they appreciate nature and art.

Location, location, location!

Location is a major key to any event, especially a wedding, and even more so for a bohemian wedding. The main essence of a bohemian wedding is the ambience of the ceremony and the celebration. Guests should feel a connection to art and nature during a bohemian wedding. The location should also celebrate the uniqueness and the individuality of the couple. The venue can be over the top, or very simple and out of the ordinary. The key is finding a place that highlights the “boho” qualities of the couple. What makes you stand out? What is important to you? What is important to your close family and friends? Your boho wedding should be special and personal for the bride and the groom.  Here are 5 great location ideas for your bohemian wedding.

    • Beach Bliss – Connecting to nature is a key aspect of the bohemian wedding. The waves crashing, a slight breeze, a beautiful view, a gorgeous sunset, and a beautiful, angelic bride. What could be better than that? The beach wedding is the perfect getaway for your guests, and the perfect opportunity to get creative when planning your bohemian wedding. Couples can keep it classic with a sunshine-filled wedding at a local beach that means something to the family. Or, switch it up and travel to a remote island location for an exotic and exclusive experience.  When you’re getting ready for your beach wedding, be sure to think of ways to make your guests comfortable. Be sure to have a beach bar with water and other light beverages easily accessible. Have a place for shoes or some complimentary flip flops for guests who don’t want to go barefoot. Use the beach as your venue for your magical bohemian wedding.
    • Destination/ Travel Wedding – What better way to celebrate a new beginning than with a new destination? The world is yours, your ideal wedding destination is just one airplane, car, bus, or train away. Call up family and friends to take a trip with you, and while you’re there, you can stay for the honeymoon. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful dessert or a blissful beach, a destination wedding will highlight the unconventional aspect of your bohemian wedding.
    • Enchanted Forest: Nature lover? Greenery lover? A beautiful forest or garden location is the perfect backdrop for any wedding photo. String the trees with beautiful decor and use the natural beauty of the land as the ultimate decoration for your bohemian venue. Use the wood on the trees to accent your wooden furniture and accessories throughout. Build an arch of flowers from a nearby bush and use it as the altar. There are so many fun ways you can enchant your forest or garden bohemian wedding.
    • Barnyard Beauty: Were you raised in a barn? Nope, but I was married in one! Barn weddings are becoming more and more popular, especially in the bohemian wedding scene. Achieve a rustic, wild, natural vibe in a quaint bar somewhere deep in the country. Deck the barn with over the top flowers and beautiful antique dining settings. Keep the rustic feel of the barn but enhance it with a magical touch of beauty.
    • Hometown Love: For couples who go for a bohemian wedding for the element of simplicity, a hometown wedding might be the perfect fit. Have your dream wedding in a backyard or at family members home. Use the element of nature and home as the thing that brings your wedding day alive. A backyard wedding in your hometown could be the most stress-free and cost-efficient option for you and your guests.

Once you’ve chosen your location, you’ll need to focus in on the small details of your bohemian wedding ceremony. The key is in the details. It’s all about how you use nature and your own personal touch to enhance the beauty of your venue and your celebration. Bohemian wedding table settings are amazing because you can add your own personal touch to match you, and your venue. Use small glass bowls to hold candles and flowers for an elegant enchanted vibe. Hang potted plants, drape vines around tents and flowers around trees for a beautiful natural feel during the ceremony. Table cloths and settings have been seen in everything from lace to gold lined. Use lace for a vintage look and feel at your wedding. Woven fabrics, like macrame and crochet, are perfect for a classic bohemian look.  Flowers and greenery are a key element to the bohemian wedding. Bring nature to the table and add some sparkle. Speaking of the table, the bohemian wedding tables can be long wooden old vintage style or accented with rustic antique silverware. When dinner is served, your guests should feel the same energy of nature and art that they felt during the ceremony. The food at bohemian weddings should match the culture of the bride and groom. People opting for a bohemian wedding shouldn’t shy away from adding ethnic fusion cuisine to the menu. Savory delights that are healthy and organic will match the element of natural beauty at your bohemian wedding.

Your Bohemian Wedding Music

Music plays a huge role in the ambiance for any wedding, but the musical choices at a bohemian wedding are especially important. The bohemian feeling should be maintained with rustic tunes that celebrate love, light, and happiness. Your bohemian wedding playlist should highlight your eclectic vibes while still keeping the night exciting. Your guests should dance, laugh, and cry with an unforgettable playlist. A great idea is to pick several different tunes from several different genres and time periods. Don’t shy away from new fun songs that you have not heard of before, just like your ceremony, your song choices say a lot about your choice to have a bohemian wedding, you’re free spirited, open minded, and out of the ordinary. Here is a list of our top 10 bohemian wedding tunes.

Top 10 Bohemian Wedding Playlist

  1. Artist:  Bob Marley  Song Title: Is this Love  Genre: Reggae
  2. Artist: Foster the People  Song Title: I would do anything for you. Genre: Indie pop/Indie Rock
  3. Artist: Van Morrison Song  Song Title: Glad Tidings Genre: Jazz/ Light rock
  4. Artist: Lauryn Hill  Title: Nothing Really Matters Genre: R&B
  5. Artist: Bob Marley Song Title: Three Little Birds Genre: Reggae/ soul
  6. Artist: Troye Sivan Song Title: The Fault in our Stars  Genre: electro-pop/ dance pop
  7. Artist: John Mayer Song Title: Body is a Wonderland Genre: Light Rock
  8. Artist: Ed Sheeran  Song Title: Kiss Me Genre: Folk Pop
  9. Artist: Radiohead Song Title: A Punch at a Wedding  Genre: Rock
  10. Artist: Imagine Dragons Song Title: It’s Time   Genre: Rock

The Bohemian Bride: Featuring Dresses & Accessories

The bride, the star of the bohemian wedding always shines brightest. The bohemian bride is chic with simple elegance. She embodies grace in her light flowing dress and her effortless styling. The bohemian bride and the bohemian wedding are both like a page pulled from a fairytale. The bohemian bride embodies an effortless beauty highlighted by every element of nature and the ceremony. The bride’s styling, like every other element of the bohemian wedding, is highly influenced by nature and the outdoors. Paulina de los Reyes in Melbourne is known for natural wedding makeup popular with bohemian brides. A natural makeup look will go perfectly with any bohemian wedding dress.

Like any other wedding, the wedding dress is the main focus of the bride. Bohemian bridal dresses should be a representation of the bride’s personality and hold a certain flare of elegance. Here are 5 bohemian wedding dress styles to consider for your bohemian wedding.

  1. Free & Flowing – The free and flowing style is becoming more and more popular on the Bohemian wedding scene. Dresses with delicate fabrics like soft lace and gossamer mesh bring a soft and relaxed look to the bride and add to the romance of the entire night. The free and flowy fabric will promote comfort and ease while bringing in a divine connection with nature.  
  2. Two-piece dresses – Turn your wedding dress into a wedding outfit. The two-piece dress is for the bride who thinks outside of the box and does not stray away from bold choices. The same elegance captured in a traditional gown can be captured with two pieces. Some Women choose to go with a corset top and a full skirt to cinch in the waist. Others show some skin in a cropped top piece with a long elegant skirt.
  3. Long-sleeved dresses – The long-sleeved dress brings us back to the classic vintage wedding style. Sheer sleeves with lace accents give off a beautiful illusion on the arm. The long sleeve look embodies the elegance and eclectic elements of the bohemian wedding.
  4. Off-The-Shoulder: The off-the-shoulder look is timeless. Bohemian brides bare their chest and shoulders in a classic way with off-the-shoulder pieces. The look highlights the bride’s connection in comfort with her body. It is sexy and sophisticated. Go bare, without any jewelry on the neck, to really embody the bohemian look.
  5. Flowers & Lace: Dresses with flower embroidery are a beautiful way to connect with nature on your wedding day. Flowers and lace can be used to accent a soft flowing dress giving off an ethereal feeling of a fantasy fairy princess. Flower embroidery is perfect for the bride who wants a traditional look but also wants to add some flair to her dress design.

The Bohemian Bouquet & Accessories

The bride’s accessories are almost as important as the dress itself. The main accessory for a bohemian bride is, of course, the bouquet. The bouquet should be unique and natural with wildflowers and eclectic trims. Bohemian brides can take the rustic route and use lush arrangements of wildflowers, or go more traditional bohemian with large over the top flowers that drape in all directions. Each flower is chosen individually and has a different meaning. The bohemian bride’s bouquet should be intentional and connect back to a special meaning for the bride and groom.

At the heart of the bohemian wedding, a bouquet is a business by the name of Nesst. Created by boho enthusiast, Ness Scharkie, Ness creates beautiful floral arrangements especially for special engagements, weddings, private events and parties, galleries, corporate events, and other special occasions. They also dabble in custom flower crowns and other floral accessories. NESST will make your bohemian wedding day even more beautiful by bringing you the perfect floral arrangement to match your personal bohemian wedding theme. Ness Scharkie describes NESST as a business with mother nature at heart. She focuses on in-season collections with individual stories. NESST values the individuality of each flower, just as they hold the same value as every bride. NESST describes the key elements of a bohemian wedding bouquet as the styling and aesthetics of the colors and flower choices, combined with what is in season and what the bride wants for her special day. Some of the NESST bohemian wedding favorites are delicate proteas and banksias with accents of eucalyptus and filler flowers. NESST specializes in textured and styles without intense structure. The bohemian NESST bouquet highlights earth tones with some dried elements and creative additions like feathers and lace.

The bride’s jewelry is the icing on the cake. Many bohemian brides run to vintage shops to find a timeless classic piece to complement their dress. Remembering that simplicity and nature are major keys to a successful bohemian wedding, this should be kept in mind for the jewelry as well. Quartz necklaces embody the effortless grace of the bride. Bohemian brides also opt for unique crystals and rustic accents for their big day. Brides with a more free-spirited mind may opt for turquoise or colored stones and gems to accent their white gown. Flowers are also a common element for bridal accessories. Floral headbands, garlands, woodland fairy crowns, all show that the wedding is inspired by nature in true bohemian style. The bride’s full look should be effortless, with loose flowing hairstyles and elegant accessories.

The Bohemian Groom & Guests

The bohemian groom and the guests at the ceremony are just as important to the ambience of the ceremony as the bride. The groom’s style, like everything else at a bohemian wedding, should reflect the personal style and grace of the groom. Slim cut and earth tone colored suits are highlights of the boho groom style. Some grooms opt out of the suit option and go for more casual looks, replacing jackets with suspenders and vests, or short sleeved button down shirts. For the groom, it’s all about bringing who he truly is to the ceremony. The same goes for bohemian wedding guests. If you’re attending a bohemian wedding, it’s the perfect chance to play with color and step outside the regular wedding season box. Bohemian wedding guests can be anything from extremely formal to very casual.

The key aspects of the bohemian wedding are highlighting nature, love, and the authentic self in all aspects of the event.

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