The Best Shopping in Sydney

If you’re looking for a variety of style, world-renowned shopping centres, unique markets & arcades, and eclectic thrift shops, you’re in for a treat when shopping in Sydney Australia. The bustling city is visited by over 10 million international tourists yearly, some travel to Sydney for the historic attractions, peaceful beaches, or the amazing weather. Some find all of the attractions and options in Sydney a bit overwhelming. For all those who travel to Sydney for shopping, this guide will help make your life easier. We’re covering the top ten places to shop in for the best international fashions and most popular styles, from top- end designer, to handmade accessories and trendy thrift shops. You’ll also find some seasonal shopping tips and some much-needed advice on what to avoid when shopping in Sydney.  

Boutique Shopping & More!

We’ve done our research and found the top 10 places to shop in Sydney. Don’t be shy. If you’re traveling to Sydney, stop by each of our top ten destinations for a diverse shopping experience!

  1. Pitt Street Mall


Specialty: A variety of your favorite mainstream shopping locations  
Location: Near many other shopping venues and eateries.
Cost: $$ – $$$

Sydney FashionYou may have heard of the Pitt Street Mall, it’s one of the most popular shopping destinations in Sydney, and rightfully so. Whether you’re shopping on a budget, or you’re a care free big spender, the Pitt Street Mall is the place for you. Located on Pitt Street, a convenient location in the center of Sydney CBD, Australia’s busiest shopping center.  You can easily access the Pitt Street mall by public transportation, taxi, or car. The shopping mall features several stores and brands including Adidas, H&M, Ralph Lauren, Sephora, David Jones, Myer, and many more. With over 600 amazing shopping destinations, Pitt Street mall is the perfect place to go to find a customized fit for your budget.

The best feature of the Pitt Street Mall is the location. Easily branch off to other arcades, stores, and shopping centers near the mall. Move around confidently, the Pitt street mall is the perfect destination for tourist, and new comer shoppers.

  1. Queen Victoria Building

  Sydney fashionHIGHLIGHTS:


  • High-End and unique local Australian brands.
  • Historical background
  • Architecture/span>


  • Accessible by train and public transportation. Central shopping area.


  • $$$- $$$$

Calling all royal shoppers! The Queen Victoria Building will take care of your shopping needs while providing you with some of the historical vibrance of Sydney Australia. This amazing and breathtakingly beautiful  building was built in 1898 and has been standing strong since. Known to locals as the QVB, the Queen Victoria Building was originally the municipal market, praised on the same level as a cathedral. The QVB was renovated, restored and reopened in 1986, and has served as a grand shopping location ever since. As expected, a shopping center named after a royal entity holds some of the most coveted high-end retail attractions in fashion. Big spenders come to QVB for brands like Camilla, Rodd & Gunn, Fossil, and Bunda Boutique and many others. If you’re shopping at QVB  with a lower budget you can check out TopShop, Victoria Secret, Acis and a few other affordable names.

  1. The Strand Arcade

Sydney FashionHIGHLIGHTS:


  • Souvenirs
  • Gifts
  • Tourist shopping
  • Local Australian brands
  • Beauty products


  • Central shopping location
  • Close to Sydney central district
  • Central shopping area


  • $$- $$$

Shopping for unique gifts and souvenirs? The Strand Arcade may be the place for you. This Victorian-style, tourist-friendly, shopping arcade is located in Sydney, New South Wales. In close proximity to the Sydney central business district, and not too far from the Pitt Street Mall. The perfect diverse shopping area. The Strand Arcade stands out from other shopping centers because of the unique selection of shops ranging from electronics and other gadgets to spectacular fashions and accessories. The Arcade is the first Victorian-style retail center in Sydney.  Shop local Australian brands, perfect for souvenirs and gifts. Brands like Dinosaur Designs provide an authentic Australian experience featuring one of a kind home decor, jewelry and accessories. Take care of your skin and beauty needs at the local Aesop Skin Care line, an all natural and organic skin care company, originating in Australia. Find everything from delicious chocolate and treat boutiques, to trendy local shopping and fashion. If you get hungry while shopping check out one of the many Strand Arcade eateries. High- end shoppers will flourish with the Strand’s many luxury fashion options, like Aje, Lover, Scanlan, Theodore and Manning Cartell, Eternal Bride, and Strandbags.

  1. The Star

Sydney FashionHIGHLIGHTS:


  • High -End Brands
  • Boutique shopping
  • Trendy shopping


  • Casino location
  • In the heart of Sydney, overlooking Darling Harbour
  • Central shopping area


  • $$- $$$$

The young, trendy, fashionista will love The Star. If you’re looking for the latest fashions, high-end urban boutiques, and fashion-forward street style you’re in the perfect location at The Star. This casino, entertainment, dining, and shopping center is the largest of its kind in Sydney Australia. It offers a high- end experience with a trendy and unique vibe. Shopping is upscale at The Star, find popular big-name luxury brands like Chanel, Gucci, CK Jeans, Moda Emporio and Ferragamo and trendy urban high- end hot spots like G-Star and Raw. The Star is a full experience, go with friends for some fun in the casino or a delicious dining experience, then top off the fun with some high- end shopping.

  1.  Mid City Centre

Sydney FashionHIGHLIGHTS:


  • Curating and styling unique looks from various locations
  • Trendy brands
  • Activities, food, and shopping

Location: Near Pitt Street Mall and central shopping areas
Cost: $$ – $$$$

If you’re looking to curate the ideal look for any occasion, Midcity Centre has the diverse selection of styles and shops that you need. Men and women frequent Midcity Centre for all of their style needs. Over time, the Midcity Centre has grown from a three-floor shopping destination with about 50 shops to a full shopping centre with an office crown tower. Located in Sydney’s central business district, the Midcity Centre is easily accessed from the Pitt Street Mall, making the area the perfect destination for a full day of shopping. The Centre houses the two storey flagship stores of General Pants Co and G-Star Raw. Looking to shop local? Midcity Centre houses a plethora of Australian brands and specialty stores. Shop around for

  1. Volle Jewellery

Sydney FashionHIGHLIGHTS:


  • Unique Jewelry and special accessories
  • Unique stones
  • Perfect for all budgets


  • Easy to walk, drive, or take public transportation
  • Parking available
  • Kent street behind Sydney Hall


  • $$- $$$$

Discover an elegant and unique jewellery experience at Volle Jewellery. Located in the center of Sydney, Volle jewellery is an ideal location for dazzling exposure to Australia’s magical gems.  International visitors love to take home dazzling South Sea Pearls, Australian Opals, and unique colored diamonds. The Volle location uplifts the coveted Australian Victorian era and ads to the ambiance of the shopping experience. Whether you are shopping on a low budget or you are ready to spend big, you’ll find the perfect piece at Volle. Every Volle gem is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and an international warranty. All of the Volle employees are professionally trained gemologist, jewelers, and designer. The employees are also bilingual! Perfect for the international shopping experience. You can also create custom pieces at Volle, a perfect gift for a birthday or the holiday season.

  1. Westfield Sydney

Sydney FashionHIGHLIGHTS:


  • Specialty visitors card available
  • Large variety of shopping stores
  • Diverse dining experience


  • Central shopping area
  • Close to Sydney Mall and Market St.


  • $$- $$$$
  1. DFO HOMEBUSH (Affordable Outlet)



  • Outlet shopping with affordable discount brands

Location: Near Sydney Olympic Park
Cost: $$ – $$$

Sydney fashionFor the budget shopper looking for affordable new fashions and name brand styles, check out DFO Homebush. It’s an affordable outlet located near the Sydney Olympic Park. A great outlet under ten miles from the city centre. The centre’s $100 million dollar renovations enhanced the shopping location and made it a shopper’s favorite.  Shop over 120 outlet stores from your favorite brands at DFO Homebush. Shop international brands and indulge in local Aussie designers. The savings are in huge! You can get up to 70% off authentic designer styles. Shop for clothes and trendy fashions as well as many lifestyle and homeware brands. Get all of your sports and even electronic needs at the DFO Homebush outlets. Eat well in the dining centre and go back and shop ‘till you drop.

  1. Birkenhead Point Outlet Centre

Sydney FashionHIGHLIGHTS:


  • Nike outlet and Aussie designer outlets
  • Scenic


  • Birkenhead Precinct
  • Easily accessible from the city


  • $$-$$$

Good views and great shopping can be found at Birkenhead Point Outlet Centre. The area is located in the beautiful Birkenhead Precinct by the harbourside. Don’t let the harbourside scare you away, the outlet is easily accessible from the city. You’ll even catch some great views on the way. The outlet mall is a well-known attraction to locals. Find over 100 shopping attractions. The huge Nike outlet is a leading attraction at Birkenhead Point Outlet Centre. Birkenhead is a unique location because it features outlet stores from Australian designers as well as mainstream brands.

  1. Glebe Market

Sydney FashionHIGHLIGHTS:


  • Unique Accessories
  • Art
  • Artistic fashion

Location: Glebe Public School
Cost: $ – $$$$

Last but not least, the Glebe Market is for shoppers looking for unique and eclectic items and gifts. The market specializes in fashion, art, and a fusion between the two. Every piece in the market is full of vibrant creativity. The Glebe Market prides itself with featuring designs of new artists and creators. The market is community heavy, as it is located at the Glebe Public school on Glebe Point Road in Sydney. Find unique jewelry and dynamic accessories the Glebe Market. It’s also a great place to find artwork from local artists. If you visit the market on Saturday you’ll be in for a treat with local live music performers.

Popular Styles By Season

Winter Fashion

Sydney Fashion


Welcome back some of fashion’s favorites this winter in Sydney. Keep warm in a smooth velvet outfit and stand out in this weather friendly fabric. Yup! You heard right. Velvet is so in this winter, everything from jumpsuits and rompers to jackets and pullovers, velvet styles will make you stand out in the Sydney fashion scene.


Remember those plastic see-through backpacks we all loved in elementary school? Commonly known as “Vinyl clothing”, PVC, or polyvinyl chloride is a form of plastic vinyl featured by many popular brands including Off-White, Jimmy Choo, Chanel, and many other trendy designers. This style is making a comeback in Sydney this winter.

Huge Scarves

We’ve all seen the infamous photos of popstar and fashionista, Rihanna, strutting the streets in a huge Balenciaga scarf, and we all loved it! Looks like we weren’t the only ones! Sydney street fashion will be full of giant scarves this winter. Perfect for the breezy weather and super stylish! You can do it big with a luxury brand like Rihanna or keep it budget friendly by purchasing an oversized scarf from your local H&M or Forever 21.

Leopard Print

Yes! We all love it! Leopard Print baby! The best thing about leopard print is that you don’t actually have to harm an animal to wear this chic animal print. Leopard print, like velvet, is making a huge comeback in Sydney this year. This gorgeous print can be found on many fabrics and works well with a pop of red or a solid black look.

The Colour Pink

Pretty in pink? I think I will! Soft pinks are totally in this winter. Women in Sydney street fashion have been spotted in long pink trench coats, pretty pink skirts, and dazzling pink accessories. You can’t go wrong with pink this year.

Spring Fashion

Sydney Fashion

Modern Romance

Modern what? It’s just like it sounds! A modern take on romantic, flirty fashion! Frilly dresses in sweet light colors never go out of style for Sydney in the spring.  Sydney’s spring season is warm and comfortable. The perfect time to show some leg in chiffon skirts and light blouses. Also, try floral patterns and light fun looks that highlight the spring season.

High Waist Styles

High waist styles made a major come back a few years back and they aren’t going anywhere. Try a high waist denim skinny jeans or a high rise pencil skirt with a cropped sweater. The look is timeless, young, and fun. It’s also the perfect way to hide annoying love handles in tight jeans.

Rompers and One piece pantsuits

Rompers are all the rage in Sydney during the spring! They are fun, fashionable, and easy to wear. We like to think of rompers as “one hitter quitters.” You throw one on, and just like that, you’re ready to go! No need to think of a top and a bottom. Rompers and one piece pantsuits are perfect because they can be worn for virtually any occasion. Rock your romper during Sydney’s spring with a pair of sneakers for a day of shopping, or pair your romper with a tall heel for a chic fashionable look.

Fashion Trenches

Trench coats are all the rage during Sydney’s spring season. Get yourself a light-colored trench coat and use it as a staple piece for any of your looks. Perfect for a night out on the town when there is a slight breeze in the air. High-end brands like Gucci, Raey, and Burberry are capitalizing on the trench coat wave. It’s a style that works for anyone’s personal style.

Summer Fashion

Sydney Fashion

Pop of Colour

Hit Sydney’s Glebe market for funky colourful accessories that will add a pop of sass to your summer look. Sydney is known for its beautiful warm summers. Take advantage of the sunshine by adding your own shine to your look. A pop of red on your shoe or a bright blue handbag can take your Sydney summer look up a few notches. Adding some colour to your look will make you stand out in a crowd and feel super suave while doing it.

Full Skirts

Summertime is skirt season and we all love it! A full skirt in during Sydney’s summer will take you back to a Victorian era filled with classic well-dressed ladies. Rock your full skirt with a chill shirt to tone down your look, or step it up a notch with a light flowing blouse. The high-waist trend speaks volumes with the full skirt look, you’ll look chic, comfy, and fashionable all summer!

Mix it Up

Don’t be shy to mix colours, prints, and looks this summer in Sydney. Try that leopard print with a pink shirt. Who said stripes and polka dots don’t go together? If you can rock it right, you’ll be the star of Sydney street fashion. Be bold all summer! Don’t be afraid to get funky with your look.

What to Avoid

There are a few things you should be aware of when shopping in Sydney.

  • Don’t Hold Back

Be bold with your style in Sydney, this new-age trendy city is the perfect place to let loose and be your fashionable self. Don’t be scared!

  • Don’t Over Spend

As we mentioned before, there are so many affordable shopping options all over the city of Sydney. If you’re on a budget, don’t get caught up in spending huge amounts of money on high-end brand names or overpriced items. Try one of the markets, or even an outlet shop. Shop in a central shopping area and compare prices before you make your final decision.

  • Be Aware of the Weather

Sydney is known for its enjoyable sunny climate. The amazing city has mild winters and warm summers. Avoid layering too much or heavy coats that will drown you out. Keep it light and fun yet fashionable all year round!

Happy Shopping!