For anyone who lives and breathes fashion, knowing precisely what’s out before taking a crack at what’s in is important. There is nothing worse than not getting the memo about the clothing that will make everyone think, “What is you doing, baby?” Learn these fashion no-no’s and rid the closet of all of them without hesitation – have no mercy.

Wearing Tights/Leggings as Pants

Tights and leggings can be cute but wearing them as pants? That’s a big no-no. These aren’t bottoms but rather accessories that are capable of bringing an entire outfit together when used properly. No one should wear an open vest instead of a t-shirt, right? Well, tights and leggings worn as pants cannot stand alone on their own. Tights and leggings are accessories and if they’re used as anything besides, they’re a serious crime against fashion and it’s time to spread this knowledge.

Cover-Ups That Don’t Function – At All

Cover-ups are meant to – that’s right – cover up. With this being said, if a cover-up isn’t doing its job, then what good is it? Toss out those torn cover-ups and go grab one that functions as it should. Cover-ups that don’t cover are so outdated and can be the difference between looking fashionable and looking trashy. While these can be cute, make sure they’re at least semi-functional and provide a bit of coverage where it’s needed.

Baring It All – Skimpy Separates Are Too Sexy

No skimpy bikinis. Fashion trend for summer 2018.Skimpier does not always mean sexier and if someone is wearing two pieces that are showing as much skin as a bikini, they’re likely going to get some undesirable attention from the masses. Covering up a bit and incorporating some modesty can help to avoid cringing stares. Save the skimpiness for the pool/beach and if showing a little extra skin is something that captivates the mind, a normal skirt is perfect.

Poor Pattern Choices

No appealing patterns. Fashion trend for summer 2018.Patterns can be absolutely appealing if they’re used properly, but if it looks like the quilt at Aunt Gertrude’s house, it’s not something that should be worn. Leave the strange patterns for the guest bed and find something that will complement your figure. Heritage checks are vintage but they’re becoming increasingly popular. Hounds tooth is also a gorgeous pattern for those looking for a chic look.

 Sheer Bottoms Go Beyond The Imagination

Leaving something to the imagination isn’t just about being classy. Showing off undergarments, or lack thereof, is a little too over the top. This is a dead trend and while some clear pieces are super sexy, sheer bottoms take it a bit too far. Undergarments should not be visible through your bottoms. Save them for the bedroom, ladies.

Teeny Tiny Cutoffs

No teeny tiny cutoffs. Fashion trend for summer 2018.Wearing cutoffs that are smaller than a person’s undergarments is a major no-no. While these can be cute, they can also be a totally cringe-worthy frustration to the fashion-sensible. Take a look in the mirror prior to leaving the house when wearing cutoffs. If they’re barely closing, give them to your younger sister.

Tape Dresses

No tape dress. Fashion trend for summer 2018.Talk about wardrobe malfunction! Tape dresses can be super chic and stylish but for the vast majority, they’re just wardrobe problems waiting to happen. The next major gust of wind will send the dress adrift and the result might be a distasteful amount of skin.


No tutus. Fashion trend for summer 2018.Leave the tutus to the children and those dancing in the ballet. These are for a select few and if you’re not a ballerina, they undoubtedly have an age limit. Try a sundress on for size. They’re perfect for any occasion and look way more stylish than pink sheer and a princess tiara.

Fur and Sheer Chiffon

If you’re someone who can pull one of these off, you’re a needle in a haystack. Simply put, fur does not belong with sheer chiffon. It’s easy to see that this has been an absolute disaster for the fashion industry. If you’re planning on wearing a fur and sheer chiffon, you might want to second guess your idea and go with an alternative. Perhaps something a little more lacy and a lot less fur and sheer chiffon!

Designer Logo Overload

A little designer logo is iconic and can be used to class up an outfit. However, if someone is going to get decked out in logos, know it’s going to provide a cheap effect. No one is looking on at countless monograms thinking, “Wow! Now that’s stylish!” Incorporating so many logos into one outfit is never a good idea. Tread lightly with the designer logos and limit them to a minimum.


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