To make a fashion statement, every part of your look matters. Anything you wear should complement each other to creating a cohesive silhouette from your head to your toes. One of the crucial fashion factors you need to take seriously is the matching of your hairdo to your outfit.  

The styling of your hair greatly determines your overall look. In fact, you should always treat your hairstyle as an essential accessory to your dress. However, most people find it hard to match their outfit with the right hairstyle. In this guide, we are providing you with tricks on how to match your hairstyle to your dress. Check out The Hoopla store for the hair straightening brushes. 

Dress, Then Hair  

One of the common mistakes that people make is doing things opposite. You will find people do the hairstyle first and then look for a matching dress. That’s the wrong way of doing things. People’s attention will always be on your dress, not the hair. In fact, hair is treated as an accessory to the dress. So, if you want to make a fashion statement, you should start with the dress. Once you are happy and confident in the outfit, get a fashionable hairstyle that matches it.  

Dress High, Hair high  

The basis of a matching hairstyle with the outfit is checking the kind of neckline you are wearing. For example, if you have put on a high neckline, then you need a hairdo that will keep your neck visible. The most fashionable hairstyle for such a dress would be the up-do since it does not interfere with the neckline. However, this choice of hair could change if the high neck dress has low-cut on the front. In such cases, then you can keep the hair loose.  

Dress Loud, Simple Hair  

woman in yellow dress with simple hairstyle

Another way to match your hairstyle to your outfit is by dressing loud and wearing a simple hairdo. As mentioned earlier, your dress is the show-stopper. You, therefore, must ensure that your hairstyle is not overshadowing the dress you are wearing. What you need is to balance the two by making sure your dress is standing out. So, when you wear a loud dress that you would like to show off, a simple hairstyle would be a perfect match. But if you have put on a simple dress, you should consider a more elaborate hairstyle.  

V-Neck Dress  

V-neck dress is one of the time fashions and frequent on the major runways and red carpets. They provide a glimpse of cleavage and skin that makes them fashionable for a range of occasions. If the neckline of the dress is extreme and you would like to show it off, then an up-do hairstyle would be perfect. In addition to that, you can consider half-up, half-down hairstyle combination for the V-neck dresses since they soften angles and lines of your neck area.  

Round and square Necklines  

When you wear a round or square neckline, then you are simply showing off your shoulders. The fashion style usually produces a soft and flattering look. If you don’t have a neck accessory to wear (which is the case most of the time), you should wear free-flowing hairstyles. Pulling the hair off the collar away from your face works best for the round and square necklines. Try free-flowing curls for this design.  

Strapless Dresses  

woman in yellow strapless dress

One of the most fashionable and time designs is a strapless dress. Leaving bare shoulders leaves an impressive fashion statement, but it must be combined with the right hairdo. If you have put on a statement necklace or another neck accessories, then an up-do, or pulling your hair back would be an ideal style. These styles will pull your hair up to make the necklace more visible. But if you don’t have a neck accessory, then wearing hair down would be a perfect choice. The hairstyle will make your strapless dress and entire look softer.  

Mermaid Dress, Side-Swept Waves  

The mermaid dress is one of the timeless fashion trends in the industry. The versatility of wearing this dress with a vast range of accessories is what popularise it. But you will need to get a hairstyle that matches this outfit. There are many hairdos you can wear with mermaid dress, but the side-swept waves will always do the magic. Just straighten the hair sideways and form the curls from the shoulder downwards the end. It’s a design that has been worn by many celebrities on various red carpets.  

If you were wondering about the kind of dress to wear and the best hairstyle to match it, these are the best combos for you. The trick is to ensure that the choice of hairstyle does not overshadow your dress. 

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