Festivals are the ideal place to express the deep corners of your creative soul. From flamboyant and feathery creatures to pixie fairies and pirates there are literally hundreds of ways you can portray a favourite character as you relax and celebrate. The first thing to get your feet wet with is to do some research what the primary topic is of the festival you are attending so that you can properly prepare the most fitting costume. Then make a list of fitting character options that would have practical costumes while going along with your personal preference and style as well. Take your time with the process of pulling your outfit together as every detail will play a part in the character you hope to share with the world.

There are three major aspects to consider when you are deciding how to dress for a festival. The weather, the length of the festival, and the theme are the main components that need to be weighed before committing to specific attire. Typically some amount of travel tends to be involved with a festival experience. It is usually much easier to travel light, so every detailed choice about accessories and costumes becomes vital for packing space. Festivals are a time for relaxing and enjoying yourself so this may include making good use of the beautiful Mardi-Gras mask that has been sitting on your shelf for the past year, but it is important to be sure you are segregating want from need. It would be terrible to arrive at the festival and be missing an essential component or to bring items that you do not even use the entire time.

Be prepared for all conditions

Most festivals take place outdoors like the ever so muddy splendour in the grass. This holds a lot of uncertainty as weather is not precise in its predictabilities. Look for the weather patterns ahead of time to have a basic understanding of how hot or cold it will be. If it is expected to be cold throughout the festivities pack layers. If you are dressing in a special costume layers can be a bit tricky. Before you leave to the festival try on different warming techniques such as thin, neutral coloured t-shirts or tank tops or find ways of attaching heating pads inside the hems or pockets of your outfit. For warmer weather protecting your skin from the sun is the highest priority of concern. Choose material for your costume that is breathable to avoid heat stroke. To block your skin from the sun add a cape, scarf, or umbrella to your get-up and you will add a little extra flare and keep yourself safe from sunburn at the same time. If your costume consists of material that is not very breathable avoid wearing it for long periods at a time. Either take a break and change your costume every so often or choose a different look to go with. When it comes to what you should wear always go with what is most beneficial to your health.

A festival outfit for each day?

The length of festivals varies drastically. You could be there for one day or it may even be as long as two weeks. This poses a challenge in regards to carefully packing precise costumes, props, and make-up that would help create the most enjoyable experience during this festival. An important concept to keep in mind is that it is definitely not a crime to wear the same costume twice in orders to save a lot of space in your luggage. If this does not work for you then seek out pieces of clothing that can mix and match to create a different look every day. Play around with how different combinations of jewellery, scarves, or other accessories look with your costume to be able to switch it up every so often. These items are smaller and are more easily transported so it is a more practical solution to costume variety. This is the best method if the festival you are attending is only one day long and you wish to portray multiple characters. The creative effort you invest into your costume will only enhance the magic of your portrayal.

Plan it and wear it with conviction!

The decisions that will help set the tone of your entire experience are the choices of what to wear. Seemingly a simple question, the clothing and costumes you bring to a festival have the potential to hold you back from an uninterrupted experience due to a defect in the costume, or it may become the focal point of inspiration for a creative story you invent with your friends. Festivals are a time to draw out creativity, inspire, and motivate imagination. If your clothing messes with the flow of wonder and amazement then it is worth it to search for more suitable attire. Be sure it fits well, check for ways it may need to be fixed, and be sure you will want to wear it for a few hours at a time. If you feel like breaking rules, festival outfits are probably the few times you can get away with the fashion no-nos of everyday society! A fun and inclusive way of indulging your creative expression through costumes is to collaborate with a group of friends. If you either choose a group of characters that already exist or in making up your own set of characters and story line you are enhancing the memorability and intimacy of the grand adventure at hand.

There is nothing quite like a fulfilling festival. The way you prepare will build the foundation of this potentially magical experience. It is best to remember not to over pack so you won’t be weighed down by unnecessary clutter. The fewer things you have to be responsible the more free you will be to focus on what really matters. Once you are completely pulled together and ready for enjoying the festival all you will need to do is release the creative bug inside you and party your heart out! So, find your feathers, bring your glitter, and pack your imagination to make this an unforgettable festival filled with magic and wonder.

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