Plastic to pastel perfection. Stay on your fashion game this summer

You’ll definitely want to keep fashion in mind this summer as all the hottest styles are pushing some serious trends. See or be seen in the fashion world with these fashion trends exploding all over the world all summer long.


Plastic FashionThis trend is hopping at the moment and they’re perfect for those rainy summer days. Plastic clothing is all the rage in the fashion world and we’re seeing trend setters in the fashion industry sporting this material in various articles of clothing. Chanel, Burberry, Topshop, Calvin Klein, Isabel, and Fendi have all used plastic in a multitude of ways over the course of the last year and to say this trend is attractive is a severe understatement. The reason for the attention this trend is attracting on the runway? One word – bold.


These shades are making a serious comeback in the fashion world and if you’re not on top of these gorgeous shades of pink, lemon, duck egg blue, and lilac, you’ll want to be. The season is calling these colors to the front line and as seen with some of the hottest names in the fashion industry,  these delicate colors attract the right kind of attention. Try wearing these colors in ways you might not normally think to and you’ll find these colors complementing with a delicate yet strong vibe.


We thought this fashion trend no longer had a place in the land of fashion but shockingly, we’re seeing fringing dominating the runway this season. The fringe takeover has no end in sight as we’re observing it providing fashionistas with a level of sophistication we never thought possible. Add a bit of fringing to your favorite boots or dress and whip where you walk, making an entrance in style everywhere you strut your stuff.


Sheer fashion is taking the fashion world by storm as this transparent apparel reveals more than skin. We’re seeing sheer dresses, skirts, and coats showing the woman beneath the clothes while still maintaining adequate attention on the fashion surrounding her. Nude yet clothed, leaving little to the imagination and everything on the catwalk.


Shine and sparkle like the star you are with this fashion trend creeping up from way back when. You’ll see sequins on everything this summer and the glittery effect they have on your attire will bring forth beauty that bewilders the eyes. We’re seeing some of the next level fashion moguls incorporating these glimmering adornments in their clothing, including Gucci, Chanel, and Dior. If you’re looking to wear them during the day, try styling your outfit with a sweatshirt.


This is a fashion trend that screams femininity and brings a divine look to all those who incorporate it into their style. These folds never fail and if you’re looking for an easily achievable level of elegance, ruffles are the way to go. There are a variety of ways to place ruffles into your outfit and it can be as simple as wearing a ruffled shirt or as complex as allowing the ruffles of a fabulous custom-tailored dress to drape across your body. The choice is yours and with ruffles trending this summer, it’s one of the better choices available to those who love all that is fashion.

Bold color

Bright and bold are the names of the fashion game and we’re seeing these colors being explored now more than ever. These are the vibrant colors your mother warned you about and they’re going to bring eyes in from all corners of the room. These colors are taking over as models from New York to Milan are finding attention as they adorn themselves in some of the boldest colors imaginable. Every color has its shade and it’s a bold but rewarding move to incorporate these colors into your daily palate.

Heritage checks

Heritage checks fashion is being revived this summer! This season is seemingly the season of checks and we’ve seen all types out on the catwalks. From Calvin Klein to Tibi, we’re seeing more and more checks and we’re not complaining! This trend goes beyond classy and allows you to add a bit of style to your everyday attire. We find that one of the easiest ways to incorporate this trend into your style is a check coat, but the options are absolutely endless! You can never go wrong with a check dress or even a check skirt when done right!

Fashion Trends Summer 2018



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