All travelers have a shared predicament of how to savor and share their fantastic and exploratory adventure of how they made their way into mind boggling cultural experiences that changed their life perspective forever. As a world traveler, you are sure to soak in so much information, inspiration, and intellect as you explore the far corners of the earth. This is a hard concept to reiterate to family and friends back home. The sights that were seen smells enjoyed, and the food tasted will impact the rest of your journey on this beautiful earth. Taking pictures, writing in your journal, and telling stories are wonderful ways to commemorate each and every fun-filled experience that was born into your life because of all the grand adventures. It is like a precious treasure to have these moments. However, what good is a treasure if it is not shared?

Bringing your travels home through fashion

The convenience of today’s world holds the capability of bringing the memorability of your adventures straight to your doorstep. Travelers, much like yourself, have created a bridge between you and the exotic lands you so loved exploring. Each vendor has carefully chosen the unique styles of clothing and made it easy and affordable for you to share these explored cultures with your family and friends back home without taking up every inch of your checked luggage space. There is only so much time and energy you can put forth towards shopping for the right gift and safely packing it to bring it home. Taking your time to shop online for the souvenir gifts you wish to share will not only lift the burden of that responsibility from your precious vacation time, but it will also free up space in your luggage for other important things as you prepare to make your way back into your world of familiarity. By supporting local artists you are not only giving back to your new beloved land but investing in beautiful forms of endangered artistic expression.

Elephant Pants in Public?

Go out on the town in style or get comfortable and snuggle in for a movie at home in a pair of these popular elephant and Aladdin style pants. They are made to fit many body types and compliment your natural curves. The elastic bands at the waist and feet hold securely to your body. Their gentle give allows for freedom in your movements without any worry of falling from your hips. Their thin design presents the opportunity for a steady and refreshing airflow to keep your legs cool all through the summer. Every pattern on the pants brings to life the intricate and intriguing details of the unique cultural expressions of the Thai people. To wear a pair of these special elephant pants is like wearing a beautiful piece of artwork. In this way, you can share a snapshot of your life-changing experience with people who are a part of your daily routine. You will become like a lovely walking billboard for the culture that brought you inspiration. some might say this a fashion no-no but hey, if you’re confident you’ll pull it off!

There are many vibrant colors in each pair of elephant pants making it virtually impossible to not find a top that suits it well. When finding coinciding tops and accessories it is best to focus on what is not so overwhelming to the eye. The focal point of the outfit should be the pants since they are the most vibrant in color and explode with detailed designs. Choose a top that is a solid color with no added patterns to avoid clashing. Black tends to be a sturdy choice as it will complement just about anything that you add it to. Find jewelry and accessories that are also of one color, but more specifically one of the least noticeable colors in the pants. This will tie the ensemble together into one beautiful, collective collaboration. Their comfort allows you to wear them as lounge pants, and their beauty encourages you to wear them for your next evening outing. They are truly a most versatile piece of clothing which is suitable for the most versatile lifestyles. Find the perfect pair of exotic pants to treat your family, friends, and yourself to at

Kim-o-no? Oh Yes!

One of the most beautiful expressions of traditional culture is the kimono. Their classic and bold look draws the eye and paints a picture of sophistication. A brilliant designer has now brought a modern twist to this ancient attire. With an open, flowing design these kimonos can easily be added to anything you decide to wear. From dressing up jeans and a t-shirt to making it the final touch to your black evening gown, there is no limit to how these works of art can be displayed. The gorgeous patterned fabrics come from traditional Thai markets in Chiang Mai, Thailand and are then stitched together with love by Mae’s own hand. By her own personal touch, Mae has added pockets to these unique pieces of clothing artwork making these renditions of such special clothing more comfortable and practical for everyday life. These are a perfect cherry on top for going back to school, checking out a new jazz bar downtown, or the focal point for your next festival costume. The possibilities are endless! Find your favorite new kimono today at

A marvelous way to enjoy life is by traveling to the ends of the earth and experiencing new cultures, languages, food, animals, traditional clothing, and so much more. As you open yourself up to all of these new perspectives of the world and different understandings about life, you are sure to commemorate these adventures and life lessons with memorabilia that will last. Go to these websites and more to seek out the perfect piece of stylish, artistic clothing that will remind you of the wonderful joy, inspiration, and new strength that your world travels brought you and you will keep those precious stories alive. Be free to explore and remember to spread the love with the most fashionable and creative artistic expressions.

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