This classic style is back and ready to inspire your winter outfits

Prints and patterns dominate the fashion industry, but it’s hard to compare any of them to the classics. Of course, this means we’re constantly seeing more and more plaid patterns taking the fashion world by storm. Sure, there are stripes, floral patterns, and polka dots, but can they really beat the timeless look plaids provide?

Not a chance.

This winter, we’re seeing more of these patterns and less everything else. While little black dresses are nice for a night on the town, plaids are perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re a man or woman, plaid patterns seemingly never fails when you’re looking to add some style to your attire.

How did these patterns become a thing?

The simplicity behind them is what really draws people in. Surprisingly enough, this pattern is originally from Scotland. If you’ve seen a kilt before, it’s rather obvious that this cultural article of clothing was the start of the immense popularity of plaid (and there isn’t an end in sight!)

This textile began trending in the 1500’s, although there is proof that the Celtics were even using it back in 8th century B.C. Over time, this textile started being produced by British and American manufacturers as they crafted the plaid textiles for their own markets. At this point in time, plaid was viewed as a luxurious textile and it became rather popular with nobility and royalty.

Wearing Plaid as a Man

Plaid as a men. Fashion trend for summer 2018.Plaid is not solely for lumberjacks in this day and age. We’re seeing all walks of life taking on this style. From upper class gentlemen wearing nice plaid jackets on a night out to the hipsters adorning themselves with this classic look, everyone can incorporate plaid in their daily wear.

Pairing denim with plaid

This is a look that always looks good on a man. The look is composed of a rolled up plaid shirt with double denim to pull it together. Toning down this look a bit and creating a different style is also easy with this option. Changing up the color, design, or shade of denim you go with allows you to make this style totally your own.

If you’re looking to go with the classic aesthetic, toss on a wide-fit traditional red plaid shirt, a denim jacket, and some raw denim jeans. This is the hipster look that will provide you with the timeless lumberjack look. If you decide to go with a darker denim, you can even layer a T-shirt under it and leave the plaid shirt open.

Going with the grunge look

Grunge.Plaids. Fashion trend for summer 2018.This is an ultra-casual style that is derived from the 1990s. Simply layer a graphic print T-shirt under a plaid shirt, incorporate jeans that are a little torn, and a pair of high-top trainers or even Chuck Taylors. The look is certainly not for everyone, but if you can pull it off, it’s an appealing style.


Wearing Plaid as a Woman

Plaid goes beyond the signature country girl look. Any woman can pull off plaid. Whether wearing it on a night out instead of a cardigan or a plaid skirt at a classy event, plaid is a timeless pattern that is perfect for any occasion, making it as versatile as it is visually appealing.

Plaid Simply Put

When you’re looking for an easy way to wear plaid as a woman, simply layer a plaid shirt underneath a cardigan. This is a nice way to keep warm and allows you to remain casual while still super stylish.

Over-sized Plaid Play

Have fun with some over-sized plaid and put your own sense of style into your outfit. This is plaid that can be worn open as if you’re wearing it as a cardigan. You can lay one of your favorite T-shirts underneath it and a pair of frayed denim shorts. This is comparable to the grunge look for the men, so if you have a significant other you’re looking to match, this is perfect for that!

Classy Plaid

This is a more dressed up look that you can get when incorporating plaid into your attire. Put on a plaid button-down, tuck it into your form-fitting jeans, and wear a bright colored belt. You can even add a chunky necklace on for size. This look adds a touch of class to any woman interested in sporting her favorite plaid shirt for the day.


Trendy Plaid Patterns

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